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Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Documentation Implementation Kit

New Regulations

The EEOC recently unveiled new regulations under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which have a direct impact on organizations employing 15 or more individuals. These changes are pivotal in ensuring fair treatment and accommodation for pregnant employees


Given the complexity of these changes, it is critical for your organization to understand and integrate these new regulations. Ensuring compliance is not only about legal adherence but also about fostering a supportive workplace environment.

Legal Implications

Failure to comply with the new guidelines can lead to significant legal challenges. It is essential to proactively address these updates to avoid potential disputes and penalties that could arise from non-compliance.


Who is the new Pregnant Workers Fairness Act regulation for?

Organizations with 15 or more employees
HR Departments
Compliance Officers

If you are responsible for ensuring that your organization adheres to employment laws and creates a supportive workplace environment, then these new regulations under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act are crucial for you.

If you want to avoid the complexities and potential legal challenges without spending a fortune on legal consultations, ensuring compliance with these new guidelines is essential for your business.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Documentation Implementation Kit
The Legal Documents Kit Includes:

  1. Request for Accommodation Forms ($250 value)
  2. Medical Documentation Guidelines ($350 value)
  3. Accommodation Decision Documentation ($250 value)
  4. Interactive Process Records ($150 value)
  5. Training Documentation ($250 value)
  6. Compliance Checklist ($150 value)
  7. Periodic Review Documents ($150 value)
  8. Employee Feedback Forms ($125 value)
  9. Audit Trails ($150 value)
  10. Privacy and Confidentiality Policies ($150 value
  11. BONUS - 10 Walk-through videos ($495 value)
  12. TOTAL - $2,470 (VALUE)


You get this valuable bundle for $700.00. This offer is designed to give you all the legal documents and support you need to fully comply with the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, ensuring your organization is prepared well ahead of the regulatory effective date.  This kit and the videos are delivered on June 3, 2024.

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